When The Medical System Really Can’t Fix It….

Tonight’s post is simple. Sometimes western medicine doesn’t have all the answers. My symptoms got worse today and on the advice of my primary pulmonologist and all around good guy, Dr Libby, I went back in to Meridian Park Hospital.

Of course, it being an ER, I had to re-tell the entire story to them, even though Dr Libby went through the hassle of faxing them records (though he was out of the clinic and on rounds at a DIFFERENT hospital at the time).

They always have a hard time treating me, because it is difficult to tell what symptoms relate to what. Whether a cough is just a cough or whether it is something more serious.

Whether stomach pain is just diet/enzyme related or whether it is something more serious.

Whether an infection is just a local one or whether it is systemic.

And most of all, how to effectively treat pain without triggering an addictive response for me.

That frustrates the doctors as much as it frustrates me because when I refuse their pain medication, I take away their front line of defense for making me comfortable. And when I refuse, they usually (at least at this point in my life when I am doing well) argue with me.

These past two times in the ER, I happened to have good ER docs who understood and helped find workarounds for pain that were non-addictive and non-opiates. But it sort of is the “luck of the draw”.

Anyway, I am determined to do the right thing, eat the bland, boring diet I’ve been told to eat, take OTC cold medication as needed, as well as my other meds, and rest. That was basically the conclusion that both ER docs came to. But it wasn’t a waste for me to go in.

I learned a lot about ways I can manage pain, particularly stomach pain, without opiates. There are some anti-seizure drugs that will stop the cramping if there is a blockage. There are, of course, drugs to stop you from going, if that’s what you need. And since really the biggest thing they did for me each day was give me IV fluids, I learned that if I want to feel better I need to hydrate better. Because I did feel better on leaving the hospital both nights. I felt exhausted, but better. I felt much worse when I woke up this morning, but I just let myself work it out, until I was awake and alert enough to drive home.

Now I have about 6 hours to rest before I go to Karate class. And I may end up having to sit out half the class or just sit and watch. But I miss not being there, and, to tell the truth, I just want my effing belt!

I earned it, and because I’ve been sick I haven’t been able to go, and that frustrates me. So a little motivation can be a good thing, I guess. Get me out of bed, off my butt and out doing something even when I don’t feel good. Because I know if I keep that up, I will feel better as long as I keep taking care of myself.

Sorry for the sort of rambling post.

I’m going to nap now.

Thanks for reading, and peace to you,



One response to “When The Medical System Really Can’t Fix It….

  1. Nathan,

    Remember I love you. Praying now for restorative healing and a spirit if gratitude in the midst if adversity! You are a young man of courage! I am proud of you!

    Much love!

    Aunt Laura

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