I don’t have a whole lot to say tonight except that I’ve got that burn throughout my body going that lets me know I’ve done a good job today. I had my test for my first belt in my Karate class tonight. Besides that I did one of my harder workouts today, and was also busy for most of the day writing and running around. I clocked in at 28 miles on my scooter today. Since most places are between 4 and 10 miles away from me, that’s quite a bit. It means at least two round trips.

By the way, I passed my test, so I am now an advanced White Belt. It is the lowest rank for adults, so it is nothing to be too impressed with. But I am proud of the achievement and what it means in my life.

It means that not only am I continuing to maintain my health, I am still improving it. I believe that if I continue to work at it I can continue to move up the ranks. That is not something I ever would have believed about myself a mere six months ago.

I was asked to explain how results are achieved tonight during my test. I answered what I had been taught and what I know to be true in my life: results = focus (or attention) over time. The reality is that NO ONE becomes a black belt in a day, no matter how much attention or focus the put on their goal. All real, desirable results take time. How much time, however, is really up to me. The more attention, the more focus I place on my wellness and my health, the greater the results and the shorter period of time it takes to achieve them.

Those who have been reading along should be nodding their heads here. Look at where I was in May. It has only been a few months, really. And I’ve gone from the lowest point of addiction and illness to the healthiest I have been in both mind and body in potentially my entire life.

A lesson I learned intuitively as a child now has significant meaning in my everyday life: results are equal to attention or focus over a period of time. And there are no shortcuts.

Peace to you,

-Nathan Howells


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