Dealing with the Unexpected

Sometimes things don’t go the way we expect them to go. This morning I woke up believing that the weekend gig that I had landed helping demo food products at the Japan festival at Uwajimaya had fallen through.

I went to Tai Chi from 9-10am and got home and finished editing my next piece for FeelGoodNow. I was literally in the middle of getting ready to take a nap when my friend (who had helped set me up with this job) called me and said, hey, how come you aren’t there?

It was just a misunderstanding, but I thought he had told me that someone would call me if they needed me, when in fact he told me that I should just show up unless someone called and told me not to.

I told my friend I probably wouldn’t make it today and he said not to worry, just show up tomorrow.

My dad and mom were downtown at a giant event that the mission hosts every year called Operation Overcoat where they distribute thousands of warm jackets and other winter clothing to those in need and also serve them a big meal. I was planning to go down and help but then Sheena, the supervisor for the company whose products I was supposed to be demo-ing called me and told me she didn’t care if I showed up late but that they really needed me. So I swiftly got dressed, and literally ran out the door and rode my scooter to Beaverton.

I spent from about 11:45am to 6pm serving Teriyaki flavored Nori (which is dried seaweed, for the uninitiated) and talking with customers. I got a half-hour break for lunch, and that was really all I needed. But with the enormous festival going on, there were hundreds of people there, live music, tons of booths selling all manner of Japanese food, drink and merchandise… it was a big party. I actually enjoyed myself for the most part, although I’m going to wear more comfortable, less dressy clothes tomorrow since I felt overdressed and my feet hurt from my shoes.

Anyway, the point of this entry is that sometimes things don’t work out the way we expect. And I am learning to roll with that, despite when it is hard, and especially when it goes against my normal inclination I’ve had for the past five years.

I want to find some more meaningful work that truly helps others, sure. But I have a bit of that with my writing job at FeelGoodNow and with this blog.

So for now, getting a “day job”, even if it is just at a grocery store, is fine with me.

I’ll do what it takes to be well, and part of my wellness means a certain level of financial stability and independence – something I really haven’t had for years.

I look forward to working tomorrow, and perhaps to developing an ongoing relationship with this store and this company that might turn into something bigger. The reality is that you never know what next, and the only way to find out is to just move on.

Peace to you this night,



2 responses to “Dealing with the Unexpected

  1. I like how your definition of wellness includes financial independence and stability. And … being employed can affect other commitments. Sometimes my life feels like the kids’ game called “whack-a-mole” ( – get work done but then there’s exercising to do, and then more work, and then relationship to attend to, and then it’s time to eat, and then the need to recreate, and on and on. Some days are too much of one thing and not enough of another. Staying in balance is an art form, I think.

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