Let’s Get that Feedback Loop Running

Today I’m not going to talk about myself. Crazy right? I just have a question for my readers. Because I’m feeling like I could really do a lot more to involve you guys. You have been an integral part of my Wellness Quest, and one of the reasons I am where I am as far as my total physical, mental, and spiritual health.

In short, this blog has been part of what has kept me going through the motions on days where I honestly just wanted to give up.

So my question is this: what would you all like to see more of? To a certain extent I won’t ever get away from writing about my own personal story. But sometimes I have many options to choose from as far as significant events in my life. Sometimes I don’t really have any.

I wrote a while ago that I might start including book reviews or research based posts that speak to the efficacy of my approach to wellness and why it has been worthwhile for me.

So are those things that you all might like to see?

In addition, what can I do to make it easier for you all to engage with me? I love it when people make comments on my blog, but they are so often hidden at the bottom of the page so no one else reads them but me, and I would really like to develop a community where all of you can engage with each other as well as with me. I have my Wellness Quest page on Facebook and you can follow me @TheWellnessQues on Twitter. But I am also considering opening an account or even starting and hosting my own Wellness forum to talk about these issues. Would that be something that you guys would be able to access and interact with?

Really, I’m open to suggestions at this point. I’ve hit the 100 post point. I have people who read and comment. But I want more. I want to help other people who are in the place I was when I started this blog. I want to provide information, provide encouragement, and support in the same way you all have provided that for me over the past three and a half months.

This is where you give me feedback.

Facebook, Twitter, Email, or just leave a comment. Whatever. As Nike likes to say, “Just do it!”

Thanks so much for all of your support. Lets figure out how to make this a true community that supports the wellness of everyone involved, regardless of what stage they are at in their personal journey.

Peace to you, and thanks in advance for the feedback,



2 responses to “Let’s Get that Feedback Loop Running

  1. Thanks for asking! A few thoughts – what about an open ended question each time that you throw out to the community – one you have been asking yourself and askothers to respond to? How about embedding a video that relates to the wellness quest and asking for people’s thoughts on it? How about asking your audience to share their journey around key areas of wellness showcasing their lessons learned? What about asking people to write in on the mental, physical, emotional barriers to wellness and how they’ve busted through them….
    Hope this helps! I look forward to participating and engaging and thanks for building a platform for us to engage around.

  2. Hi Nathan, I like the reply that Karen made to you. I am enthusiastic about your desire to engage your readers in dialogue regarding wellness issues. Suggesting that others tell of their struggles and victories would help to encourage you and all of your readers. More on that later. Aunt Laura

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