Checking in After some Changes

So I’m sorry. I didn’t write yesterday. After promising all of you I would be posting daily again. But the moving process ended up being a lot more stressful than I imagined, and afterwards I ended up going out with a friend for a celebratory “yay, you got your own place” dinner at Tapaplaya in East Portland (since I forgot to bring/buy any flatware of silverware and couldn’t really cook in yet).

Anyway, long story short, when I got home I was so tired I didn’t have the energy to do anything but just crash, listen to some soothing music, and read a bit before going to bed.

This morning, I got up, ready to send edits to for my most recent piece for FeelGoodNow to my editor, but realized I had neglected to ask my landlady what the wireless network was named and furthermore, what the password was. I called her and asked, but she couldn’t figure it out over the phone so I just figured, oh well, I’ll deal with this later. Besides, I was hungry, and wanted some coffee (forgot to bring that with me too even though I have a little coffee maker in my new place), so I just hopped on my scooter and rode to the nearest Starbucks to do some work. I’ve been here since about 11am, gotten a lot done, and had a couple cups of coffee as well as a hummus plate (the only real vegan option here at Starbucks) and I thought I ought to just check in with all of you about how yesterday went.

So this is really last night’s post, just written the next afternoon.

I think I posted something on Facebook about the moving process being a bit overwhelming to me. Possibly because on Saturday we had an enormous party at our house for over a hundred people and I was so focused on helping with that and hadn’t really thought through how I was going to move things or the logistical hassle of it.

So I was forced to improvise on Sunday morning after getting the keys from my landlady. I just made several trips, took only the essentials, and I still have some clothes in boxes because I don’t have anything that has drawers in which to put them. I have a mobile closet with all the things I can hang up. So that’s good. But the rest of my clothes will remain in boxes until I get to a Goodwill or the UGM thrift store in order to purchase a cheap, small chest of drawers, and possibly a little table to put a couple other appliances on in my little kitchen area. The bathroom is covered, and my bed needs a new mattress (the current one is like sleeping on a pile of rocks) but other than that, I’m pretty much set up.

Most importantly I’ve got a bed, a desk for my laptop, a chair, and a bookshelf.

No plates or bowls. But hey, you gotta think about your priorities right?

That was a joke in case you didn’t catch it.

A brief check in with you all before I go:

Exercise – I’m going to have to find a new way to exercise since I no longer have a treadmill or any weights to use. Pushups, Situps, Tai Chi, and martial arts practice as well actually running outside will have to suffice.

Diet – I’ve had to “cheat” a bit lately and since I’ve been struggling with an infection in my digestive tract set off by the antibiotics I was taking to treat a minor infection in my lungs (I know, seriously, right?), I’ve had to be more careful about what I eat, and instead I’ve ended up being less careful. At the party on Saturday I bit into a sandwich that looked like it was just Portobello mushroom and red pepper but actually had goat cheese on it. I looked at it, weighed the options, swallowed, and ate the rest (they were small – I ate the whole thing in two bites). Last night when out with my friend I did well, declining all the meat options offered me, except that I did  taste her crawfish fritters. Couldn’t pass up a small taste. But otherwise my dinner was red beans and rice, a blackened Cajun tofu po’boy sandwich and some amazing braised asparagus. Today I’ve had a power bar, some hummus, and two cups of coffee. Besides the fact that the whole time I lived with my parents I drank quite a bit of soda, something I hadn’t been doing before. I’m going to do the best I can to maintain my diet and to revert to drinking more water, juices without added sugar, and the occasional fizzy (but non-caffeinated) drink. I’m also going to switch mostly back from coffee to tea which I enjoy more anyway. Besides, I usually don’t need the added energy from the caffeine unless I am not getting enough sleep. (Bringing me to the next topic)

Sleep – My sleep cycle has suffered because I have been staying up later and getting up at the same time (6:30-7:00am) so I’ve been getting six or less hours of sleep a night and after a couple weeks it seems to finally be taking its toll. I woke up today at my normal time and really didn’t want to get out of bed. It has been a while since that has happened. In the past few months I’ve woken up rested and ready to go for the most part. So I’ll be endeavoring to both go to bed by midnight and to wake up around 8am (because there actually is no good reason for me to be getting up so early – I have plenty of hours in my day) so that I get the standard eight hours, if I can. The only issue is that it seems as if my body has really gotten on schedule with the 7am wake up time so it may take work to change its mind.

Last but not least, Meds: I’ve been keeping on schedule and on track with all my inhaled meds. I still occasionally forget my enzymes, but all the other antibiotics have been taken on time and in general I think I’m handling them all well.

Thanks for tuning in, and thank you to everyone who sent me thoughtful and encouraging messages about my move. It truly feels like a turning point in my life. I don’t have a lot of space, but it is my own space, and I’m not living with a bunch of addicts the way I have in the past so I feel a lot safer in my home. The housemates (besides my landlady) who I only met and learned about upon move in are both very nice, clean, professional people I think will be supportive in my wellness goals, in that they mostly just won’t be around. I think during the day I will mostly have the space to myself and I only share the bathroom and hallway with one other guy who is very nice and very clean. So I am encouraged and looking forward to getting to know people better and possibly even having a barbeque in the backyard (I’ll have to look up how to prepare Tofu for grilling!).

Peace to you and yours, and thanks again for reading,



2 responses to “Checking in After some Changes

  1. Love you Nathan. What an adventure you are having. Sounds a bit like camping. I believe you’ll get into a new rhythm of life soon. Sleep well.

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