Faith and Possibility

Well I guess it is only 11pm, but I am still tired. I guess the weekend caught up with me finally. All I really did today was go to Tai Chi at 9am, come home, help my parents take a load of stuff from the garage to Luke and Rachael’s new place, after which I took a nap.

Well, ok, before that nap I had an hour long phone meeting with Gigi, my editor and kindred spirit at FeelGoodNow Inc, my new employer. We worked out some of the kinks in my first piece which should be hitting their website soon (I’m submitting the semi-final draft tomorrow afternoon).

Then I slept for about two and a half hours.

After that I helped my parents cook dinner and then watched the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with them. I’d been telling them to watch it since I watched it my aunt and uncle weeks ago. I’ve already written a post about it, so I won’t subject you to a repeat, but I will just say that the themes of the movie are faith and possibility.

Those two words are pretty much the key to my life at the moment. I don’t truly know in what I am putting my faith since I can’t really nail my spirituality down to a specific religion at this point, but I know that I have faith that the universe will continue to open the doors through which I am meant to walk as long as I continue along the path of wellness. That’s where the word “opportunity” comes in. I think in the past I have turned down opportunities, either because I was afraid of what might happen if I succeeded, or because I have truly felt that I was incapable, untrustworthy, or just plain too lazy to take advantage of the things that have come my way.

Because of this, I have “missed the boat” as they say, in many situations in my life. But it has not been till now that I have really been both forced and blessed to live in a situation where opportunities seem to be continuing to open ahead of me and at the same time not knowing which ones to take and how to take advantage of what is coming my way.

The path I am walking, committed fully to wellness, means that some things are just flat out unfeasible. And yet, it was, in the words of Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, “unfeasible” to start try to bring salmon fishing to a desert. And yet it happened.

So I think right now the most important thing for me is to just be open to the possibilities life brings me. And to recognize that these opportunities might not always seem like good things. Occasionally they might seem awful. But I must continue to hold my intention to be well in all aspects of my being and to follow my Wellness Quest wherever it may lead me.

Thanks for following along with my journey,

Peace to you and yours this night, and may your day ahead be full of possibility,



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