What Love Is

The New Price Couple at the Formal Dinner

Honestly, it’s 1:20am after my sister’s wedding and for once I have no clue what to write. The wedding was fantastic. I got to watch my only sister marry the only man I believe she has truly ever loved, and I got to see the happiness on her face the entire night. I’ve known her since she was born, and I don’t think I have ever truly seen her as happy as she was tonight. And Luke, well, there is no other person I would choose for my sister to marry. That really says it all. After the first year or two, I was pretty sure. The last two years I’ve been certain. And tonight just confirmed it all. I am really, really happy. Not for me, but for Luke and Rachael. They deserve every minute of their amazing evening, but what really gets me is that I know that they will continue to love one another even when they don’t deserve it. That’s what love really is, I guess. It isn’t some transactional thing where you do x, y, and z, and in exchange you receive love. It’s a thing where you might do x or y. You might do a,b, or c. You might do all of the above. Regardless of your actions, you receive love. That is a concept with which I still struggle. I’m tired, so I’m going to finish this in the morning. Goodnight….

Aaaand good morning! It’s eight am and the camp is hopping with most of the guests as they are packing to leave. I am thrilled for so many reasons. First, because my sister is now Mrs. Rachael Price. Second, because I don’t have to leave Keats Island yet. And lastly, because I don’t have to pack my stuff up currently. Everyone is standing around chatting and drinking coffee, so I will leave you all for today, but I may post later if I have time. This is the happiest I have been in a long time, and it is because I am happy for my loving sister and new brother-in-law.

Peace to you and yours,



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