T-Minus 21 Hours

I may not get a chance to blog from the island. I leave tomorrow morning at 7am with my friend Cheyne Sorenson to drive up and try to cross the border. Why? So that I can get to this tiny island off the coast of BC where my sister Rachael and my soon-to-be brother-in-law will be getting married this weekend!

It is hard because with everything that happened this past weekend (I re-posted my Huge Mistake post) I am still in limbo. Plus I really have no idea if the Canadian border guards will let me through (I have a small although not insignificant criminal record from six years ago). Although I called everyone I could, I was told straight up by the border supervisor that it is up to his individual border guards’ discretion whether or not to let me through.

I am just holding the intention that we end up with an understanding and sympathetic guard who recognizes that there’s not a lot of risk for me to do any damage since I’ll be with family on and island the entire time! But you never know what will happen, and we have a back-up plan if I can’t get through.

I am trying not to worry about that, however. I know that there’s no way I can change anything now, so there’s no point in me stressing over it. I’ve done what I could, and now I have to just trust the universe.

I think that’s the biggest theme in my wellness quest at the moment. Trusting the universe. With my aunt and uncle since the fiasco this past weekend, we are taking things day by day. I am trying my best to help them as much as possible, and have been doing my best to demonstrate my true intention, which is to be an asset, not a liability.

The phrase that keeps coming to mind is the AA slogan: “Do the next right thing”.

Sometimes I don’t always know what it is, but fortunately the universe seems to keep naturally showing me the path.

As my aunt Kate said a couple mornings ago: “we walk through the open doors, we walk past the ones that are shut”.

I might post again tonight if I can, just so you have some reading material over the weekend, and I’ll post from the island if possible. I know they have wireless up there now, so as long as I don’t spend too much time on it, I can probably get something out from there.

Peace to you all, and please pray or meditate or send out good vibrations for me the day and for my sister especially over the weekend. I’m sure she could use them more than I.

Thanks for bearing with me during that brief hiatus,



One response to “T-Minus 21 Hours

  1. I believe you will get on the island dear Nathan! Looking forward to our great weekend together. See you tomorrow.
    Aunt Laura

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