Some days it can feel like life is narrowing. Some days it can feel as if you face a myriad of paths. And sometimes it can feel like the very earth is shifting beneath your feet so quickly you can hardly stay standing.

Amazingly, today seemed to be all three for me.

I was presented with a new opportunity to use some of my experience and knowledge to help others with interest in the goal of optimal wellness.

I was reminded that I hardly have an inkling of what the next three weeks holds for me.

I was reminded once more that there is nothing left for me to do to ensure a successful border crossing into Canada other than focus my intention on positive energy and belief that others will respond to the peace and compassion I exude.

And I was once again reminded that I could be a million things, do a million things, choose a hundred-thousand different paths in every second of every moment.

Wellness, for me, is not a singular choice. I haven’t just made the choice to pursue my wellness goals, snip-snap, done. No, I have to wake up every morning and choose wellness. I choose wellness every minute of every day.

Sure, some of those choices are easy. And yeah, I don’t always make the “right” choices. The point is that I consistently endeavor to choose the path that aims me toward my ultimate goal: optimal wellness of my mind, body, and spirit.

Another thing that came up for me today was my relation to past patterns. I am reminded that I am no longer the person I was six months ago. In fact, I am no longer the person I was an hour ago, or even ten minutes ago.

I talked about impermanence in yesterday’s post – and I find it coming up again tonight. Because it is not just the rest of the world that is impermanent, constantly changing – we as human beings are in constant flux. Our cells divide and grow, slough off and die, shift, restructure, constantly creating new patterns and new connections. We are by nature capable of immense change, both within and without.

I have the capability to feel like shit at one moment and to feel completely content a moment later, if I choose to shift my perspective and to use the power of my mind to command my body.

I’m not at all saying that some pain is not real. What I’m saying is that ALL pain is interpreted by the brain. Physical, mental, spiritual – all forms of pain are in some ways a choice. When I choose to give in and allow my pain to overwhelm me, I chose to be my pain rather than feel my pain.

There is NOTHING wrong with feeling pain. In fact, it is a necessary fact of being human. The problem, in my experience, is becoming your pain, to the point that if that pain were truly removed, you would lose a part of your identity.

I have had that experience. I have felt like my world was closing in. I have felt like the word was shifting and I couldn’t get my balance. I have become the essence of pain that permeated my whole being.

But I have had the chance now to choose to hold peace, compassion and gratitude within me while the world around me spins.

That is the intention I have for myself over the next few weeks during this time of newness, change, and opportunity: I shall radiate the peace and love that I truly feel for my life.

I feel a bit like a cat. I’m on my ninth life. Now’s the time to express my truth, and to be what I am with no hesitation.

Peace to you,



3 responses to “Reminders

  1. I love the distinction between feeling your pain and becoming your pain. Thanks for sharing and for your openness about your journey.

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