Rinse, Repeat

Repeat sign (music).

Repeat sign (music)

Tonight’s entry is about repetition. I’m sure many of you have noticed that the themes of my blog posts seem to repeat again and again. Sometimes, you might even read something I’ve written and think, “wow, that sounds really similar to what he wrote a few days ago,” or “that is what he was talking about last month…”

I try to link you back to similar posts if they have really congruent themes. But I can’t always remember which post was which (even though I have them all saved on my hard drive, they are organized by date, not by title or content). Sometimes, although I know I have written about a similar idea in the past, I am not certain exactly how I approached it. I try not to have the repetition get boring, because if that happened, let’s face it – a lot of you might stop reading.

In fact, oddly enough, now that I have a couple of months of this quest under my belt, there are quite a few people whose absence I have noted. I think my writing was more interesting to some people when I was closer to the meltdown.

Not that I count myself “safe” or “cured” by any means. I know that I still have a long way to go. But I also can see that I have made quite a bit of progress and that I am really not on the brink of imminent disaster. Which does, in a way, make my story a bit less gripping.

(fortunately I have learned my lesson about creating chaos in my life for writing material…)

When I first began writing at the beginning of June, I had no idea what this blog would become. For that matter, I had no idea what I would become. Now that the direction has stabilized and much of the easy, new material that my wellness quest has provided has been used, I often find myself returning to things I have previously addressed. But I don’t think that repetition is always bad or boring. I think that there are still enough major changes in my life that I am capable of finding things to write about every day. That said, I think that the time is fast approaching when my life might stabilize to the point that me writing every day (and focusing entirely on my wellness quest) would seem tedious.

So this is what I am proposing: I will continue to write every day. I will continue to place the majority of my emphasis on my personal quest for optimal wellness. However, a couple days a week I will use one of my daily posts to discuss wellness in general, or someone else’s story, or a book I have read or am reading. I will use my creativity, and branch out into topics I have thus far omitted because they might not fit directly with the theme of my wellness quest. This will provide me with more varied material, and allow me to exercise my creative ability. It will give you a wider variety of things to read about. I believe it will also give you a better insight into who I am, what goes on in my head, and what my wellness quest is truly like.

I also think it will help me avoid my tendency to elaborate, exaggerate, or embellish when actual events don’t seem “interesting enough”. This blog is all about transparency, integrity, and honesty. So if I am trying to “punch things up” in order to give you something fun to read, I am really going contrary to my purpose.

Please leave a comment or go to the Connect page and get in touch with me to let me know what you think about this idea.

Thank you all for reading, for putting up with the repetition, and for your continued support.

Goodnight, and peace to you,



2 responses to “Rinse, Repeat

  1. I really like your proposal and look forward to the varied material.

  2. Go for it Nathan. Expand your writing beyond wellness as you will. I am a devoted reader. Love, Aunt Laura

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