Of Earth and Stars

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Today we had out Monday morning meditation group. It’s been two weeks since we last met, so it was really nice to see everyone. It was a really powerful meditation session – the group resonance was something that is tough to explain if you’ve never done group meditation and chanting.

A side note here – I always sort of scoffed at chanting, thinking it was a relic of an older age, that it really didn’t have much use in modern meditative practice. But after doing it for just a couple months with this group, I have realized that it does something inside me that I don’t fully understand. It is the way the vibrations from my voice match the vibrations of the other voices in the circle. It is the way vibrations resonate inside my chest cavity. It is the ancient mantras that call on the divine forces in the universe to bring power, light, peace, harmony, and compassion. It’s a truly unique experience.

But what I really want to write about tonight is the conversation the group had during breakfast, after our meditation. We got to talking somehow about quantum physics and about what we as human beings, are made of. One of our group started to talk about how all the matter in the universe comes from the same source. It got me thinking about the implications of that fact.

All matter in the universe does indeed come from the same source, and it is recycled constantly. When we are aware of our connection to the rest of the universe, we may indeed be able to interact remotely with matter across the room, across the planet, even across the galaxy. The reality is that we don’t fully understand this scientifically, and I personally don’t claim to understand it spiritually. But I believe that the collective consciousness of humanity contains, somewhere within, the key to making use of our connection with the rest of the universe, and with the source of all life, no matter what we call it.

We are beings of earth and stars. We have within us the same stuff that was there when the universe was formed. We have latent capabilities that far exceed what the prevailing belief of our society would have us believe.

The biggest thing I am learning in my wellness quest is how much there is about this existence that I don’t understand. I am also learning that it isn’t always necessary to understand – I can just accept the possibility and keep my mind and spirit open to learning. Eventually, if I open myself to the universe I will absorb the energy I need to understand what I am meant to understand.

Goodnight, and peace to you,



4 responses to “Of Earth and Stars

  1. Just writing a paper for my masters program on the power of possibility vs. measurment/limited thinking. I think openness to all that’s possible runs contrary to a world that focuses on “what’s not possible”. This seems especially prevalent with the financial melt down, Euro crisis, violence, etc. What would happen if we all spent the next week being open to what is possible, what is available vs. what we think can’t be? Could be interesting…!

  2. Seeing a connection between myself and the rest of the universe made such a huge difference in my perspective. I now see myself as more important, and yet, less important all at the same time. It gave me a new freedom to be anything that I want to be, and do anything that I want to do, without limitations. I wish the whole world could experience something like this. I’m sure it would change quite a few things.

  3. Well stated Nathan! That is a very self-evolved view – JCB

    • Thank you John. The universe continues to provide me with situations that help me to shift my perspective. My view does seem to evolve as I do, day by day.

      Peace to you, and thank you for reading.


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