I had a doctor’s appointment with my pulmonologist today. I mentioned on Facebook that this was the first time I have ever gone back to my doctor, a month later, able to say that I had done everything he asked me to do, and more besides. In the last month I have taken every medication prescribed as they were prescribed…and probably more importantly, nothing that wasn’t prescribed! I’ve truly spent this last month focused on improving my health. And it showed today in my appointment. Instead of declining (as it always has in the past), my lung function went up three points from 49% to 52%. My weight is stable at around 160 pounds, and my digestion hasn’t been giving me any problems.

In talking to my doctor it was evident that he was pleased with my progress. It was apparent that my efforts on this wellness quest have really been working.

In fact, there were quite a few things about today that showed me, very clearly, how much healthier I am in spirit, mind, and body.

I ran a whole mile at my top-speed on the treadmill without stopping, taking a break, and without coughing. For those of you who know someone with CF, or who know me personally, you will know what an accomplishment that is. I have never done that, not in my entire life.

It’s only 8pm and I’ve already drunk 70+ ounces of water today.

I spent over an hour doing strength-training exercises (including weight-lifting and bowflex) and although my muscles are tired, they are not sore.

And, I’ve eaten nothing be healthy, plant based food. No added sugars, no genetically modified foods, no hormones or nasty artificial chemicals. And, my lunch today was leftovers from the dinner I planned and cooked last night.

I spent 30 minutes in meditation today.

The list goes on and on.

Although this post might look like bragging, it isn’t. It is simply some tangible evidence for all of you reading this that this experiment, this Wellness Quest, is working.

The stated primary goal for this quest has been “optimal wellness”. I am proud to say that with the help of my aunt and uncle, the rest of my family and my friends, with a measure of my own determination, I have moved just a little closer to that goal. I have a long ways to go yet before I reach my physical and spiritual selves’ optimum level of health. But I am well on my way.

I am curious to hear from all of you: what do you think of when you hear the phrase “optimal wellness”? What does it mean to you, in your life, right now?

Thank you all for reading this and supporting me from wherever you are.



3 responses to “Progress

  1. Fabulous! Terrific! Inspires me. Thank you!

  2. Optimal wellness right now means me loving myself enough to care for my whole being – being aware that I am created in the image of God and need to view myself as such, which means self care. Yesterday after a busy day of re-entry after 2 weeks away on travel I stopped. It was a perfect summer late afternoon – so I sat in the chaise on our deck with a beverage and watched the birds, the breeze and enjoyed the moment. This is progress for me! In my full (and rich) life – tasks, commitments and productive endeavors can become “too much of a good thing”. Being aware of how I eat, what I drink, how I feel and what my body is saying to me is being on the path to wellness. I’ve also been thinking a lot about relational wellness too lately; being “well” in my relationship with myself, God and others. When I’m not well or whole in my relationships I find I compensate with unwell physical health practices. A new connection I’ve made lately. It’s been a new way to think and is fostering more self awareness….so I’m another pilgrim on the journey.


    • Yes! Way to go Mom. Focusing on being rather than on doing can have some fantastic benefits. Also, just being more aware of how your body is communicating with you can do wonders, I think.

      It sure sounds like you are making some progress, and I’m interested to talk more about this idea of relationship wellness affecting physical wellness.
      I agree, they are intertwined, but it always seems that, for me, my physical wellness affects my relationship wellness more often than the other way around. Hmm…Something to think about, I suppose!

      Peace to you, dear Mother.

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