I am a Social Animal

I’m honestly just realizing how much about I don’t know about the internet / blogging / social media world. I remember the old days when Facebook consisted of just a “wall” and the “poke” feature. Part of me remembers those days with fondness. Because back then everything was simple. Either someone was your friend or they weren’t. Either you posted on your wall or on theirs. That was it. There was no “like” or “comment” or posting of photos or videos, no applications asking you to give them money for virtual farm animals.

In short, it was simple social media without all the trappings of corporate america.

Not that I don’t enjoy using Facebook now. And I think Twitter is a throwback to the simplicity of the old Facebook. So I love it even though I haven’t used it enough, really. My sister Rachael is starting a social media consulting business. Which is, sort of, what inspired this part of my post tonight. In case you’re interested, it is called Straight Arrow Social. She knows her stuff, and besides, she’s my sister so she’s obviously talented, intelligent and beautiful. 😉

Ok, anyway, sorry. Had to put in a plug for her.

Back to what I was saying about how behind I am in the world of social media. I just can’t seem to catch up these days. What with Pinterest and Quora, and with things like Spotify and Tumblr and all the many blog hosting sites (such as, of course WordPress)….It seems impossible for me to keep up with everything. I find myself hardly able to maintain even a daily post on more than just my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Fortunately, my use of social media is strictly non-professional at this time. But I expect that in the future I will need to use it for some sort of business venture. And I would like to figure that out.

But that really brings me to the heart of this post: what would our lives be like without social media? Is all of this constant contact, this ability to literally follow along with someone else’s every move from a distance, this virtual world of “friends”, and “likes” and “followers”….is all of this good for us?

And more to the point, is it good for me? Because let’s face it folks, while I am happy that you are reading this and that you’ve been following along with me on my quest, this site is for me. I’m not writing it so that you can read it and tell me how great I am, or so that I can tell you all my woes and complaints and have you commiserate with me. I am writing this so that I can have a way to track my progress, to step back and take a look at my experience from day to day as I walk this new path toward optimal wellness.

I’m sitting quietly thinking about this. I’m thinking about how easy it has been with these social media tools at my fingertips to create a blog and put it out there for you all to read. And it tracks how many page views I get, so  I know there are people out there reading this. Imagine how surprising it has been for me to see how many of you are following along with me! I figured I’d be getting a few hits from family and friends, but I can see now that my experience is relevant to many people, not just those I know in the flesh.

So that brings me to my point tonight. I think that, when used correctly and in moderation (just like most things in life), social media is an incredibly potent means of connecting with others around the world who share interests or circumstances or just happen to stumble on something about your web “self” that lights a spark.

You never know the effect you might have on someone you have never met, just by posting your blog on the internet.

I feel incredibly empowered to take control of my choices and my life, and part of that is because of this blog. Because I know I have this network of support that stretches around the whole world. That of course leads me back to the topic of energy that keeps coming up for me. This network of blog to blog to Facebook to Twitter to email to website to who knows what…it is like a mechanical representation of the network of energy that ties us all to each other and to all other living things.

Is it possible that we have created the internet as a mechanized version of what we used to be able to do intuitively before we became “modern humans”? In theory, it is possible that all humans were able to communicate and connect with one another without speech and without machines over long distances via our energetic connections.

I don’t know. And I don’t pretend  to know. But I am intrigued by the idea.

I am intrigued by how random this post has been. That is a reflection of my current state of mind, which is scattered. I am going to go do my nebulizer treatments and meditate. Hopefully that will bring my mind to a pleasantly uncluttered state.

Goodnight, and please post comments on any of the topics I’ve touched on. I love hearing what you all think.



One response to “I am a Social Animal

  1. Nathan, your post reminds me of a quote that said “we write to learn what we know” (some famous person said this who I can’t remember) and another one by CS Lewis that states “we read to know we’re not alone:.I like how social media can connect us to more people in multiple time zones and continents all at once. Such an amazing gift that is. Jenni in Alabama going through cancer treatment, Eva in the UK or Turkey etc,, And yet know nothing replaces the power of the human moment in face to face real time. Both are energy fields, And both are valuable. I think the trick though is not expecting more from a modality than it can give. An aquaintance is different than a freind who is different from a close friend who is different from a family member I’d lay my life down for.

    And I’m learning not to discount some of these new modalities largely due to you, your sister and her new business and the changing world around me. I desire to embrace the positives available with those changes but work to hold onto the simplist and best aspects of human connection. What do you think?

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