Monthly Archives: May 2012

What Happens When…

Alright. It’s May 31st. June starts tomorrow. It’s summer, a new season, and the world outside your window is changing. And maybe things in your life are changing too. If you’re a student, perhaps school is almost out. You might be anticipating your summer break with excitement, barely able to pay attention in class. If you are in the hospitality industry you might be looking forward to the summer rush, as business picks up and your paycheck increases. Everyone with me here in Portland, Oregon is probably looking forward to some sunshine.

But all of that is external. Changes we experience in our environment and the world around us, precipitated by events we can’t control, or by other people whose whims we can’t predict. What about the changes that are happening inside us, our choices from day to day, the things we can control?

This blog will be my exploration of this simple question: what happens when…?

What happens when I decided to make conscious choices about my diet? (in my case, choosing a whole grain, gluten free, vegan diet)

What happens when I take care of my body? (exercise regularly, see my doctors, and follow their instructions)

What happens when I focus all of my attention of obtaining “optimal wellness” for my mind, body, and spirit? (right now I’m not working, not in school, I am on a quest for wellness that will last at least for one month, perhaps much longer)

Right now, I don’t have answers to these questions. I am eagerly looking forward to finding out what happens when I take control and make some serious changes in my life. My experience will likely vary widely from day to day. Because of this, I intend to write a new post for this blog every single day of June 2012. This experiment may last a month, or it may last a lifetime. All I know is that it will be new. and interesting. and scary. and frustrating.

and it might just save my life.

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